Our Approach

As an independent firm, Brouillette Group retains some of the leading consultants, attorneys, and CPA’s to assist in the continuity of planning. Our goal is to work as a team to meet the client’s financial objectives. Our approach to financial planning centers on the combination of two primary objectives: The first objective is to develop a sound, trusting and long-term relationship with each client. The second is the development of the actual planning process, which is typically a comprehensive 6-step approach.

1. Evaluation - Identification of the client's needs and the development of an action plan that addresses how we will work together.

2. Data Gathering - Gathering of all the important information necessary for the planning process. The client typically provides all of their financial information and there are 1 to 3 appointments devoted to discussion of goals, objectives, and priorities that are important to the client.

3. Analysis - This step involves the actual data analysis in comparison to the client’s objectives that make up the planning process.

4. Recommendations – Develop recommendations and action steps to pursue the client’s financial objectives.

5. Implementation - Prioritizing goals, setting an action plan, and putting the recommendations into action.

6. Review - All good financial plans need to be reviewed and adjusted. A review schedule is developed to monitor the progress of the plans and objectives, and make any necessary adjustments.